BORG European Version & NGC7822 thru IDAS NB1

BORG European distributor – PrimaLuceLab is almost ready to start their own BORG system incorporating their new motorized 3″ focuser – ESATTO. Here is the final setup.


90FL F3.9ED will be done by same way. And 55FL will be with their 2″ version. These will be the standard configurations in Europe.

Motor and electronics are all packed into a small enclosure. No other parts required. So for customers who wish to control the focuser from PC as default, this is it. And this should be more cost-effective way. Please contact PLL or BORG local dealers in Europe for pricing and availability.

My close friend – Jimmy Nguyen shared his recent picture – NGC7822 taken with IDAS NB1 filter.

NGC 7822

IDAS NB1 + BORG 71FL F4 + QHY 10, 22 x 10′

Since it is faint and fuzzy, I didn’t achieve good result yet. He did successfully capture it with a color camera by 10 minute long exposure with a narrowband filter, which allows to finish high contrast image. Very nice finish, Jimmy. Thanks for sharing.

~ by tedishikawa on July 9, 2019.

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