Veil thru IDAS NB2 and NB3

My field-test(actually practicing) is still on going. I just wanted to have the quick review how last night’s results look like before processing. So these are still before dark and flat are applied. Following is each single shot. I understand these colors are over saturated. But I leave as it is. These were taken in 5 minutes at ISO2000. But I realized it was still under-exposure. 6 minutes at ISO2000 seems to be a good point.






NB3+NB2 (1:1)

As a modified DSLR user, I like NB3 very much. Generally modified DSLR creates Ha-dominant RAW. OIII seesm to be overwhelmed by Ha. NB3 looks the best tool for modified DSLRs to relatively enhance OIII portion.

I will try to complete all of image processing ASAP.


~ by tedishikawa on July 8, 2019.

3 Responses to “Veil thru IDAS NB2 and NB3”

  1. I love your updates… Thank you

    Sent from my 📱 (sorry about the typos 😉)


  2. Ted,

    Very interesting results. I guess that NB-1 is perhaps not as useful?


  3. Fred, thanks for your comment. NB1 is the one-piece solution while NB2 and 3 require an extra filter. So convenient and practical especially for OSC camera or for the scopes which have no extra room for a filter. So I’m sure it is still valuable. Also I expect NB1 somehow works for galaxies too especially under light polluted sky. Let me verify with M31 next month. Each idea filter has each different characteristics. That is more fun for imaging.

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