BORG 90FL F3.9ED Now In Stock & BORG 55FL F3.6

1- Finally BORG 90FL F3.9ED is in stock now in US.


Just 365mm (14″) long.  Hassle-free airline-transportable scope for the overseas expeditions!! Enjoy BORG-proprietary 6-element optical performance with 55mm diagonal sensor.

2- Fortunately we can start 90FL F3.9 anyway. The rest of a scope is 55FL F3.6. I got final and serious commitment from BORG recently. They do begin shipping within this month. I’m sure this is final.

Some people are waiting 6 month already. Whenever I can notify specific shipping date, I will contact one by one. Let us finalize your order and set up shipping, or you may cancel.  No obligation at all. Instead, I apologize to the inconvenience to you long time. In this month BORG might have big announcement. Stay tuned.


I played around adding one of spacers into the objective section. A gold ring looks more elegant. I’m thinking of having several color variation for each user’s choice.


~ by tedishikawa on July 3, 2019.

7 Responses to “BORG 90FL F3.9ED Now In Stock & BORG 55FL F3.6”

  1. Ted, gold ring is a nice addition. Will be ever commercially available?

    • Do you have 55FL already? I didn’t intend to sell soon. But we have a part in stock.

      • yes, i already have 55fl and waiting for 7880.
        in the meantime… why not spending some money!

  2. OK, when you get the notification on 7880 from your local shop, ask them to add a gold ring. I will take care of that then. Thanks for patiently waiting for 7880.

    • Dear Ted,

      Will be possible to buy directly from you without waiting for 7880 to arrive?

      I will prefere In this way, if possible, just let me know how.

      Thank you

    • Ps. Do your ring is the same as baader m68 1mm spacer ring?

  3. No, not at all. It is BORG-made in Japan.

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