Great Planetary Binoscope Viewing.

It was 1st clear sky last night in this month and might be last since it doesn’t look good tonight.


I really enjoyed with the Jupiter and the Saturn at 250x power. How comfortable the alignment-free BINO!! Whenever the sky gets clear, it’s ready to view.  No careful preparation needed.

Only drawback is the stability during focusing. Double-fork is a king. But single fork gives me more comfort in carrying and setting, and iOptron mount performs very smooth tracking at high power. That’s really big point.

I was curious how different between single eye view and double. Obviously different. Both eyes show more details and higher contrast image. I can’t explain logically. But this is my actual experiences anyway. Splitting to two eyes from a single scope? I don’t think it’s same either.

As mentioned earlier, this is the ultimate goal for my visual system. Bigger scopes? No thanks. Being bigger and heavier, it won’t be my hobby as a backyard astronomer any more. Anyway this system should be the max and the best for me. But I’m very pleased with finally reaching my goal.

~ by tedishikawa on June 29, 2019.

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