Hinode Solar Guider & BORG 55FL

1- We shipped last units of  solar guiders mainly for the next month’s total solar eclipse demands yesterday. Universal mounting bar has been sold out. But Woodland Hills or OPT should have in stock. Please contact them for rush orders.


With iOptron SmartEQ mount. This might be most portable autoguide-capable dual-axes mount, which should be good enough unless affected by wind.

As mentioned earlier, Mercury transit will be coming up this November, and we can enjoy usual solar activity animation. So Hinode SG will be continuously useful in our lifetime span, not only special occasions but also on daily basis.


2- We began shipping BORG 55FL objective lens. So prime focus or visual configuration is now available. But 0.8x super reducer doesn’t come up yet. I believe it should be close. But I can’t get the clear answer on the schedule from BORG. It’s shame. So I’m now considering some special loaner units to the customers who are still waiting for F3.6 system long time.  Customers and I can’t stand any longer. So I decided to take a specific action on behalf of BORG. Generally they should do that!!


This is F4.9 system. At least this setup reaches the focus at the infinity and allows for easy conversion to F3.6. But I’m not sure how large it covers. My goal is for APS-C sensor. If star test will be OK, I will prepare for some systems as the temporary solution, as the courtesy of Hutech.

I hope the marine layer won’t come in tonight……

I don’t expect any particular response will come up from BORG until middle of July, when the new management will be in place.




~ by tedishikawa on June 15, 2019.

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