IDAS LPS-V4 as Comet Filter

IDAS LPS-V4 turns out really a long-run item among IDAS filter lineup. While it was normally called nebula filter, it was designed for enhancing the comet’s specific emissions – C2 too.

The following sizes are still available;

LPS-V4 28.6 & 52 



And each price has been re-set as the final stock offer. Unfortunately 48mm has been sold out already.

Features for LPS-V4 is to pass the comet’s two major emission lines – C2s while blocking light pollution. As a result, the faint comet gas section comes out more visible since the background turns down much darker. Especially most useful when a comet shows up  close to the horizon, mainly affected by the city light. When the comet is passing nearby the nebula, the filter enhances the comet C2 and Ha nebulocity same time. That should create the beautiful color harmony.

I found out one of spectrum data sheet as below. LPS-V4 passes only between following two C2 region and Ha line.


Although I’m not sure this is good comparison sample, a following was my test shots before.


I kept 52mm for my own use. Again, it is really valuable when the comet appears close to the horizon.  Get one, and be ready for future comets.


~ by tedishikawa on June 7, 2019.

2 Responses to “IDAS LPS-V4 as Comet Filter”

  1. Hi, Ted.

    I just purchased the IDAS-LPS V4 filter APS-C for my Nikon D5300. It seems that the filter is not compatible with my default AF-S lens. Could you recommend me some lens type that would work with Nikon?

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