Canon Fluorite for UV

The fluorite element is well known as high transmission in wide range of the wavelength. After talking with some institute today, I thought I wanted to share Canon data with you here. Generally conventional silicon-based sensor is not as sensitive in UV as in NIR.  So optical’s transmission is the key for the success of UV imaging.


Moreover BORG scope has only one mating element. So I believe BORG fluorite scope is one of highest overall transmission in UV as the optical system commercially available in the market.

And this should be quite suitable system, which allows you to use 250mm telephoto lens.


Adding extension tubes more and more, you can use it as macro lens too.

And IDAS has high quality UV filter (#UV372-80).  Unfortunately 52mm has been sold out though.


Unlike other brands’ UV filter, IDAS one has virtually no light leak in NIR. So this filter allows for true UV imaging.


~ by tedishikawa on May 13, 2019.

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