Solar Animation

This is a really great animation produced by a recent Hinode SG user – Chris Barr. This sequence looks showing about 90 minute period of the solar activity. Let’s enjoy watching.


More details on the imaging background written by Chris;

I’m slow but purposeful.  I finally had a confluence of time, weather, and target on Sunday for some guided solar imaging on the Mach 1.  I mounted the  Hinode on a 3″ ADM V-rail attached to the forward ring on my Lunt LS100THa.  I would have thought this configuration would yield close alignment of the two light paths but alas, it was not the case.  So after some shimming of the ADM rail I manage to get them sufficiently aligned.  From there I was able to use a prior stored calibration from an earlier low yield session with the Mach 1/Hinode combo and guiding was a piece of cake.  AR2740 has come around the limb for a second engagement so I was quite excited to have an active Sun for a change.  I set up an autorun sequence on FireCapture for 500 frames every 90 seconds.  I also had the Airylab SSM managing the captures for best seeing.  I managed to trim the hedge and knock two items off the honey-do list whilst capturing 26 videos over about 1:40.  I’m pleased to say there wasn’t a single bad video, all keepers.  The system worked flawlessly.
If I am to make any critique at all it is that the autoguider cable included with the Hinode is a tad short.  I could use another 18″ comfortably.  What is the cable spec?
Here’s my resulting animation.
A couple more points.  The proms and surface are captured in a single exposure.  I guess we’ll chalk that up to dim proms.  Sure does save time and yields a much nicer limb IMHO.  Another benefit of this combined with the Hinode is that Photoshop managed to autoalign the frames while loading them into the video sequence.  That was a first for me.  What a time saver!!  I suspect if I were shooting just proms with the surface blown out PS autoalign would not have worked despite the Hinode-induced uniformity but I’m anxious to try it anyway.
Chris, it’s really fun to keep watching your animation repeatedly again and again. Very nice finish. It should be a scientific textbook value. Congratulation!!
I’m looking forward to seeing more your animations. The sun should be the object we can enjoy watching in the movie.
And Hinode SG will be useful for several solar events too.
Finally, to the customers who are currently waiting for Hinode SG, I’m sure we can notify the shipment notice sometime soon. Thanks for your patience.

~ by tedishikawa on May 10, 2019.

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