IDAS NB1, 2 & 3


Now 3 different Nebula Boosters are available from IDAS. I thought some people might be confused at each performance. This is to summarize that.


Note the basic concept for NB2 and 3 is to enjoy using various filters for a same target and post-processing with various de-bayering or blending techniques. So 52mm NB2 and NB3 are basically intended to be set into a filter box.

Followings are Canon R(P) drop-in filters.


Again, this is the same concept, which allows to switch multiple filters time to time. Each filter is par-focal with Canon original ones. So no light path issue. This system allows to use Canon EF or EF-compatible wide-angle lenses. So it should be very useful for boosting Milky-way’s nebulae and blending with regular RGB colors.

If someone are looking for the solution how to use a wide-angle lens and ZWO cameras thru filters, this is one of ideas. But a filter should be NB1 or LPSs etc alone.



~ by tedishikawa on May 9, 2019.

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