Spectrum-enhanced Canon RP Camera

Now we are ready to accept an order including one of body-mounted filters. 0425a

Body only : $1.599.00

Body kit and one of IDAS body-mounted filters (NGS1 or LPS-D2) : $1,799.00

Regular price for each filter is $289.00. So you can see this is nice promotional prices.  Filters will be available in June.

The filter makes the flange back distance perfect as Canon original. So you can use RF lenses without any concern.


And as announced yesterday, Canon drop-in filter box gives you various filtering options with Canon EF or 3rd party lenses like Sigma Art.

IDAS drop-in filters are designed at exactly same thickness of Canon original filters. NB2-NB3-ODW-DPR

The filter makes the total light path 44.0mm, which exactly meets Canon EF specs requirements.


~ by tedishikawa on April 25, 2019.

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