BORG 107FL BinoTechno

Finally I managed to complete 107FL binoscope system while gathering missing parts from a friend – Jim, and enjoyed solar binoscope viewing today. Thanks, Jim.

Temporary setup, very unstable, filmsy and dangerous since it looks collapsed. This is only way I can do right now anyway.



BinoTechno Body and a pair of diagonals were round-tripped to NY for NEAF. Although I didn’t originally intend, this turned out the perfect 2-time stress tests by the notorious USA ground shipment.

Collimation? No problem at all!!. I looked thru eyepieces and tweaked mirror collimators a little bit. Done within ten seconds. Both images were completely merged now. BTW, this was my 1st fine tuning with mirror collimators.

So I can clearly say this is “USA shipment-certified” product, which means it can be shipped all over the world without any concerns.

So I have concluded the system is still free from the initial alignment even after 10,000 miles journey including over the Pacific ocean.


One of 2″ sleeves was scratched during the returned shipment. Sad. My fault. My packing wasn’t good. But as mentioned the above, fortunately there is no mechanical mis-alignment at all. This was an another practical test as a result. I didn’t wish that though.

Hattori-san, your concept is quite right. It proves it is super rigid and precision body.

ps. I setup tonight. But unfortunately no stars due to the marine layer. I hope tomorrow or later.


~ by tedishikawa on April 20, 2019.

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