BORG Binoscopes & Takahashi Portable Mounts

Now we are ready to take an order for BORG binoscope complete sets. 0418a

90FLs and 107FLs along with FTF-2020BCRs are now available.

Since I don’t have heavy-duty single fork mount, I just temporarily set on the conventional tripod. There are several M6 holes at the bottom. So easy to set like this.


Shame!!, I have only one of each objective at this moment. This 107FL was even bought back from my friend – Jim since my 107FL was forced to be released too.


Masuyama 2″ 26mm looks the good match with current BORGs.

Anyway, customers are first. I wonder when I can finally build up a pair of lenses. I was told by many binoscope users Masuyam 26mm showed the clean star images entire field of view. I’m looking forward to that. I noticed traditional Masuyama orange lines are good indication for the eyepiece level alignment.

As some are aware already, Takahashi PM-SP and PM-1 have been discontinued, and recently their inventory has been sold out too. So we can’t take an order for any of mounts.

Some accessories are still available for current mount users.



If parts you are looking for are missing, e-mail to me. I will check the stock with Takahashi Japan. A tripod is a new item. So I’m sure it should be available for a while. I saw and touched it at Takahashi booth during NEAF. Solid and lightweight as expected. Highly recommended. It still fits Hutech a coupler to convert it to standard 3/8″ falt-top interface.






~ by tedishikawa on April 18, 2019.

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