BinoTechno – New BORG Binoscope System

As many people recognize, Mr.Tatsuro Matsumoto is an inventor of the erecting mirror diagonals and a pioneer for binoscope optical system with EMS as a total solution provider.

A lot of EMS owners all over the world including myself are enjoying binoscope viewing very much with his excellent products. Thanks again to Matsumoto san. His great efforts contributed our community a lot.  

Now an another company in Japan – called BinoTechno starts offering the new type of BORG platform and erecting zenith mirrors (EZM). The uniqueness of their system is all-in-one design as package, and no initial alignment required. So I’m sure this system makes binoscope handling quite simpler.

An owner of the company is a designer for the most advanced CNC machine itself. So he knows how capable the today’s precision machine creates each unit precisely. So basic concept is to minimize the number of components and to fully rely on the machine’s accuracy.


Features ;

  • A pair of bodies are fully machined from a chunk of aluminum alloy.  Expensive machining cost. But this is the key to make the initial alignment free.
  • Precision bearings maintain two scopes in parallel all the time while adjusting inter-pupillary distance. These are another expensive pieces of mechanical components.
  • 2″ diagonals with mirror collimators for fine adjustment. Each diagonal unit is machined from a piece of aluminum alloy as well.
  • Feather Touch 2″ focusers (FTF-2020BCRs) as standard. Various focusers will be available.
  • BORG M75 at front ends – allow to set any of BORG Series 80 objective assemblies.
  • 6kg system weight with FTF-2020BCRs except the objective assemblies. 9.8kg with 107FLs.
  • Losmandy-standard dovetail plate at the side. Adjustable at 3 positions for the weight balance.
  • System price is US$2,995.00 with FTF-2020BCRs

Followings show BORG 77EDII with GS focusers.


I was told Masuyama 26mm was the best match with binoscope system. I will try that too. BTW, all of Masuyama 2″ eyepieces are binoscope-friendly at the viewpoint of mechanical design since all are 60mm OD.



~ by tedishikawa on March 19, 2019.

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