Tak Abbe 32mm & BORG 55FL, And PLL Eagle Core

1- One of Hutech royal customers suggested Takahashi Abbe Ortho 32mm when I was looking for 1.25″ longest f.l. eyepiece for my binoscope. Last night I tested it with BORG 55FL before imaging session.


I didn’t expect the performance much since the scope is F4.5. But the referee reversed a call. Stars are clean, sharp and round entire field of the view. Takahashi Abbe’s AFOV is just 44 degree. So It might not be wide field of view as 7.8x magnification. That might be the reason. In any cases, it was the pleasing view very much. I bought them a couple of month ago. But I didn’t use much. I realized I should use it occasionally from now. It’s a bit pricey. But it’s good value at the performance viewpoint, and 32mm Abbe is very unique.


2- PrimaLuceLab’s Eagle Core is for the controller for DSLR imaging. It might be often compared with ASIAir. But I realized there are two major differences. First, take a look at their nice presentation video.

Philippo is a great actor. Fun to watch!!

Fitst, it is power distribution. It has 3 power outputs. Surprisingly two are 3A/12V and one for 5A/12V. So it is capable of handling a cooled DSLR too. The another is not probably for everyone. Especially for me. I love using Adobe RAW to de-bayer from the RAW created through the camera’s  image processor. This is one of reasons why I’m still using Canon or other DSLR/mirrorless cameras.

I’m not the expert at all. But I feel Adobe’s de-bayering looks something superb. Great color reproduction. And Eagle Core allows to save original RAW format into a camera’s memory card unlike (if my understanding is correct) ASIair’s FITS/TIFF into a box. If someone like saving original RAW files without PC, this Eagle Core should be the answer.


~ by tedishikawa on February 7, 2019.

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