Attn: Customers who are waiting for BORG Telescopes

1- First, I apologize to the customers who are waiting for BORG scopes these days. Shipping  is now way behind the original schedule.

Primary reasons for the delay is the lack of BORG staff capacity. Recently some left the company and others are not in fully working conditions. So they are far from normal conditions. Also Japanese big show is coming soon.

And thirdly more people are paying attention to BORG optics these days. Especially BORG 55FL’s lead time is longer and longer.

Because of multiple reasons, it’s hard to get BORG these days. So I thought I have to notice you in advance. We are doing best to catch up the delay ASAP.

Sorry again for the inconvenience to you.

2- One of most serious visual observers – Nicolas Kountouris in Cyprus shared his upgraded BORG 55FL. He is using 55FL as a guide scope for Takahashi FS-128(?).


I’m sure this is the most gorgeous finder scope along with Televue eyepiece and Baader prism diagonal. Very well setup!!

3- Steven Bellavia updated his recent image which was taken in the frozen area.


Last night it was a new moon, clear, above 25 degrees, and not windy. We have not had that in a while!
(though it was very damp, which became thick frost on all my equipment, and the sky was not perfect with below average seeing and transparency).
So, I imaged Thor’s Helmet, (NGC 2359, SH2-298):
It is not far from the star Sirius, in the constellation Canis Major, approximately 9 degrees East and North.








~ by tedishikawa on February 4, 2019.

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