PrimaLuceLab – Eagle 3 & European BORG Distributor

As many people in our community are aware, Italian-based PrimaLuceLab(PLL) is the leading company in the astro photography field.  They are providing very nice Italian-taste products along with the innovative features.

Now Astro Hutech becomes one of US dealers. We already carried some items like their SESTO SENSO motor unit & mounting rings. From now on, AH will start carrying their core and innovative products – Eagle 3.


As shown the above, AH will mainly demonstrate how to set Eagle 3 with BORG systems here. “Much More than Computer”, Yes, I fully agree. Especially power distribution and dew heater controls look very impressive to me. All in one in a box.

Also PLL and AH has recently made the strategic partnership agreement and now we are closely working together to market each product in US or Europe.

One big step is that PLL has becomes the European BORG distributor. So for any dealer inquiries or any BORG inquiries in Europe, please feel free contacting to PLL. The owner of the company – Dr. Philippo Bradaschia is quite familiar with BORG systems and components. He was involved in BORG business even before he established PLL. In fact, he made the complete BORG catalog by himself before. So I’m sure he can do the excellent service and support to all of you in Europe.

PLL also looks aggressively taking part in the trade show entire Europe.  So if you have the chance, please visit their booth, and see and touch BORG telescopes. I’m sure BORG presence will be much better in Europe from now on.


At same time, AH is promoting PLL products in US. Eagle 3 and BORG guide scope will be set at the top of above BORG 107FL F3.9ED soon. Stay tuned.


~ by tedishikawa on February 2, 2019.

2 Responses to “PrimaLuceLab – Eagle 3 & European BORG Distributor”

  1. Best of both Worlds. Looking frward to see what this partnership is going to bring

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