Mirrorless & ZWO/QHY Camera Adapters

As mentioned several times here, today’s modern optical design requires the strict original specifications. Especially back focus distance has to be set as original specs. Incorrect distance generally results in saggital or meridional coma. Also wide-angle lenses don’t accept setting a filter in front because of physical reason and the filter’s spectrum shift. So a filter has to be set behind a lens.

0129a  So these are Hutech solutions.

Key features are

  • ZWO/QHY camera adapters via M42 or M54
  • 5 Mirrorless camera adapters including Canon R and Nikon Z
  • IDAS filter-optimized light path distance
  • Various lens and camera combinations

And enjoy the milky way shots with this adapter and newly released IDAS Nebula Booster. That should be the perfect combination with a wide-angle lens.


~ by tedishikawa on January 29, 2019.

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