Ha Imaging by OSC Camera

I understand this is quite common imaging technique for most of people. But believe or not, I’ve never tried myself. Biggest concern was the resolution and lazy myself. I didn’t want to go deeper post processing. But I thought I should test and see myself.

So I start experimenting for my skill-up. A following was my setup for 1st testing.


I stacked two BORG filter boxes, so that I can freely select any filter combinations. The BF distance was fully optimized thru two filters. So no optical compromise.

I set LPS-V4 at 2nd box as a base filter. I can change other LPSs or UV/IR filter for more conventional color. Eventually I wish to replace this LPS-V4 with a coming NB1 there.

In 1st box, I put Kenko R60 filter (red one) to block B and G. See the concept at


And I used Kenko UV filter (clear one) for RGB color. So this allows to take both Ha-only and RGB without changing the optical train.

Actually I was ready to go testing last night. But marine layer quickly came in after focusing test at Ha and color.  I was forced to wrap up equipment after that. Poor, Ted……

But at least I realized Ha filter allowed me to focus thru 55mm aperture at F3.6 with Bahtinov mask in A7’s liveview mode. That was good to know.

Also this setup indicates the advantage of mirrorless camera. Short flange back allows to set two filter boxes in front of a camera. It’s not possible with DSLRs.

Consumer camera is still favorite to me because of easy setup and use. So I used SONY. But I will make the special adapter ready for ZWO and QHY cameras, which will be fully optimized for IDAS filter thickness by same way as the above. You can select one box or two.

Unfortunately almost coming entire week the weather doesn’t look good at all……


~ by tedishikawa on January 11, 2019.

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