BORG Users’ Image

I got Orion wide-field images from BORG owners.  First one was taken by Guillaume Richard in Texas. It is 12 mosaic – over 8000 x 8000 pixels!! Great efforts, Guillaume.


BORG 55FL F3.6 + ASI 1600mm, Ha 12-mosaic

I shrank down the image size for the proper screen viewing. But you can download the original file at

Barnard 33 (15MB)

He is using a following 55FL system. Quite simple.



An another one was taken by John Ottesen in Florida.


Image data :
Image from last night at Laurel Hill, Florida.
Temperature ~50 deg. F
Clear with excellent transparency and Good seeing
Borg 71mm with reducer = F/4
Hutech modified 6D
Orion Starshooter Mini autoguider / PHD guiding
Losmandy GM8
3 exposures of 12 min. @ ISO 400 dithered
No flats or dark frames
Photoshop processing
John, thanks for sharing your another new image. Very clean and transparent. Personally I love this film-like finish too!
One note:  take a look at Alnitak. Very clean star edge. No ugly reflections. This is the good test target to see the camera quality. I’m sure all of Hutech-modified camera users are enjoying the clean star edges.

~ by tedishikawa on January 7, 2019.

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