Simeis 147 thru BORG 90FL F3.9ED

I think this is basically the target for monochrome camera and narrowband filters. But I point once a year. I noticed 90FL F3.9ED (350mm f.l.) is perfect focal length.

It’s a tough target for my poor image processing skill. But anyway, this was the result. The flat wasn’t good. So I cropped the frame.


BORG 90FL F3.9ED + Cooled 6D + IDAS LPS-V4-52, 50 x 3′ dithered by SS-one/EM10


3 minute exposure was obviously too short. I wonder if I will one more chance to re-try this season. I’m really eager to use IDAS new filter – Nabula Booster for this target with 5 minutes exposure.



~ by tedishikawa on January 2, 2019.

4 Responses to “Simeis 147 thru BORG 90FL F3.9ED”

  1. Very nice,Ted!

  2. Thanks, Fred

  3. Is this Scope commercially available yet?

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