SS-one KODO with Takahashi PM Mounts

I did RA-dithering test with PM-SP last night. Because of single axis tracking, I was curious to see how much moves forward. Smart people could calculate. But my non-scientific brain needs the field test to actually see by eyes.

An original 1/500 geared motor was not as responsive as Oriental hybrid motors’. Motor and gears are very smooth. So as long as simple guiding, that’s fine. But I think dithering capability is a bit different story. Good feature for KODO is to hold the next imaging until KODO assures tracking is stable. So the settle-down time is basically set by KODO while watching the tracking status.


PM-SP + BORG 55FL F3.6


Sky-watcher DEC kit with polar camera


One small box

And here is the result. I was forced to wrap up equipment due to sudden Santa Ana wind. So this is only 20 frames. But looks shifting more than I expected.


My wife’s friend gave me nice Christmas gifts.

1228d I really love them. I feel they are too good to wear!! Thanks, Hiromi!


~ by tedishikawa on December 28, 2018.

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