SS-one KODO for Losmandy & Takahashi

A cable conversion box is now ready. As mentioned earlier, this allows to use KODO controller with the mount as it is without any modification.

We will start shipping Losmandy box early of next month while sometime next month for Takahashi PM-1/PM-SP mounts.

The above is Losmandy box. The interfaces are exactly same as Losmandy original digital box. So this allows to simply insert supplied original cables – RJs and DC adapter.


PM-1X with Sky-watcher DEC kit and KODO controller

This is my favorite setup. Both slow motion controls seem to be more convenient for centering a target by hand. I feel quicker than electric slewing. An original polar scope requires a little guess work to assign the Polaris. I think the electric polar camera should eliminate that to achieve more accurate polar alignment.

Probably good RA tracking capability with precision polar alignment doesn’t require DEC in this imaging focal length. Slew speed is only 16x. So GOTO doesn’t look practical. But I will test and see how 16x speed is slow for GOTO function once I get an extra motor unit.

I tested PM-SP at my backyard.

This allows for RA-only dithering while maintaining original tracking smoothness. Because of short focal length, I don’t expect the one-direction’s frame shift is much. Let me see soon.

Introductory price for each set (KODO+box+DB15 cable) are

KODOGM : $495.00

KODOPM : $495.00



~ by tedishikawa on December 24, 2018.

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