Double-stacking Filter & SS-one PM-1/PM-SP Mounts

I plan to play around double stacking filter imaging. By changing the two-filter combination, I get each different optical performance to be more optimized for the sky condition and targets.


Left : Hoya orange and UV (as clear) filters / Right : IDAS LPS-V4 and P2

Most common combination is LPS-V4 (or NB1 when available) with R-60 (or Orange as shown above) for Ha only. See at

I’m not sure this is the effective way for color sensor though.

To take regular RGB channels, switch R60 with clear or UV filter. Double-stacking concept filters should be coming up shortly. Please keep tuned here.

About Takahashi portable mounts, I start testing KODO controller with PM1 and PM-SP mounts.


The concept is to use the original motor like Losmandy. So no modification required. Instead, the slew speed is very slow. So far, 16x seems to be max. But this allows for dithered imaging without PC. At least auto-guiding should be big plus since originally not capable. And I plan to add DEC unit at the top of the mount shortly. I will try to make it commercially ready next month.




~ by tedishikawa on December 21, 2018.

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