IDAS Nebula Booster NB1 for OSC Cameras

We are pleased to announce a new item coming up from IDAS Japan. It’s the narrowband filter for one-shot tri-color imaging. NB1-48 and NB1-52 will be commercially available middle of next month.

IDAS Nebula Booster NB1

Features :

  • Ideal flat-top and moderate bandpass – prevent the transmission loss due to the spectrum shift by today’s super fast optics such as BORG astrograph, Takahashi Epsilon Series and SIGMA ART series etc
  • Superb transmission rates
  • Extremely steep cut-off lines – minimize the reflections
  • Fully blocks NIR up to 1100nm
  • Available 52mm and 48mm
  • 2.5mm thickness – doesn’t require re-focusing after swapping with other IDAS LPS filters
  • IDAS-proprietary IGAD/MBT/UFP quality standard
  • Made in Japan

US price

NB1-48 : $239.00

NB1-52 : $239.00

Both sizes will be available through all IDAS dealers worldwide. Please contact your local shops for more details.

This is just one example how to swap filters with BORG filter box – 7519.


This makes imaging process more fun based on specific targets and sky conditions. 52mm is capable of handling the full frame sensor.

PS. For camera lenses, I recommend using following filter adapters since adapter’s mechanical length are fully optimized for IDAS filter thickness.

Filter adapters for Canon EF, Nikon F and Pentax K lenses


~ by tedishikawa on December 17, 2018.

9 Responses to “IDAS Nebula Booster NB1 for OSC Cameras”

  1. How would these filters work with a ASI094MC using a 200mm 2.8 lens or on a 11″ RASA 2.2 ?

  2. Will this filter be made available in Canon APS-C body mount format?

  3. When will this be available for in the US. Also if not available for the Canon APS-C body as a clip in. Are the NB1-48 a screw on type for the T-ring adapters.

    • Hi Matt, it is expected middle of this month. If your T-ring allows to set 48mm filter, I believe it fits. A frame is 5mm high.

      • Thanks, one more question. Does it have threads on both sides in order to allow adapter to screw on between the t-adapter and extension tubes? I just was to make sure before I before I purchase something.

  4. Yes, both sides have threads – male and female. But keep in mind, a frame is not expected to be used for the connecting purpose. So generally it’s not rigid enough.

  5. 48mm or 52mm? I have a RASA 8 with 294Pro and a Starizona filter drawer. Which is the correct size to buy?

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