Solar Eclipse Binoscope

While I can still clearly recall my great visual experiences during the totality through BORG 90FL binoscope last year, I also remember it a bit took time to point Canon 8×42 to the sun after switching. So now I start considering the lower power compact system for covering the entire corona by binoscope for next opportunity. This should be more realistic for overseas expeditions too. I’m not sure when. At least not next year though.

This is BORG 50Ach bino with BORG fork mount(3111) with my most favorite Takahashi metal tripod and pillar. Super solid lightweight. Now I’m shopping around 30-32mm eyepieces, which make the power around 8x. That should be ideal for the entire corona.

Probably my dream setup for 2024 will be two binos – 90FL(20-25x) and 55FL(8x). These should allow me to quickly switch observing side by side. Thanks for US soil opportunity. I’m not a serious visual fan. But binoscopes and binoculars are totally exception, very serious. I want to keep the best ones in my hands. I wish to upgrade to 107FL for the planets and enjoy 300x binoscope viewing though.



~ by tedishikawa on November 26, 2018.

2 Responses to “Solar Eclipse Binoscope”

  1. Ted, what prisms are you using on the 55FL

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