Hinode(=Sunrise in Japanese) Constellation Binocular

I’m so glad my eye judgment was still right. I had more feedback from customers mainly in US these days and all are what I expected. Thanks for sending me quick initial impression. Probably overseas customers will be later. Mostly still on the way to them.

I’m not a serious visual observer. So I wasn’t sure how this binocular was accepted by experienced people. I thought it was very good optical performance though.


Just 180g!

Even for users who own some other super wide bino already, it is worth trying. At least I can tell nothing waste of time and money. In fact, I got the responses from users who own some others too. The summary is the overall image quality of entire 24-30 degree field of view. I don’t tell no distortion. But very pleasing. That’s true. US$139 should be very good value for giving the lifetime enjoyment. Darker sky, more fun.

I’m glad I have a cute companion myself. This gives me more option to spend the time during imaging under the dark sky. Thanks Hinode, Nakamura san and O-san (as a designer). I love it!

Followings simulate 24 and 30-degree field of view. Don’t you think these look fun to observe?

Hinode is a serious astronomical binocular manufacturer in Japan. I’m trying to bring you other attractive products sometime soon. Please stay tuned.



~ by tedishikawa on November 24, 2018.

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