IDAS Daylight Filters & For Medium Format Cameras

These are IDAS VLC(daylight) filters for modified cameras, which convert the color balance back to the original. The body-mounted types allow to use wide angle lenses too. Now Hutech makes special offer for Canon and Nikon APS-C camera users with limited quantities.


VLC-EOS (any Canon APS-C cameras) : $99.00

VLC-N : $99.00

N2 : Nikon D5000

N3 : Nikon D5100

N4 : Nikon D7000/7100/7200

N5 : Nikon D5300/5500

N6 : Nikon D5200

I’m sure these are bargain. Don’t miss the chance to get.


Pentax 645D adapter with IDAS LPS-D1 62mm filter

BORG-made medium-format camera adapter has 62mm filter thread at the objective lens side. Fuji GFX and PhaseOne camera adapters have the same. So for BORG, 62mm is now standard filter size for medium format cameras.


~ by tedishikawa on November 6, 2018.

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