GM8/KODO & Hinode Constellation Bino

I continue to test with GM8 and KODO controller. I achieved 40x slew speed in loaded conditions. This looks realistic maximum value. I feel 40x GOTO with original stepping motors looks still practical.



And now I’m trying to figure out best possible guiding parameter between GM8 and KODO.

I used super wide bino again last night while testing Losmandy mount.


Yes, I understand this type of binos are very common and have been commercially available from various brands. I own one for the star-hopping purpose to locate imaging targets. It wasn’t what I expected in quality. But at least good enough for locating the imaging targets. I realized this Hinode bino is completely different. This is a real binocular, which gives me the pleasing entire 30-degree FOV. So this allows me for serious visual-observing, not for star-hopping.

Very fortunately I captured a bright shooting star within bino’s FOV. I was so excited since I saw it entirely from the beginning to the end thru bino. Very lucky!! Thanks God.

Followings are 30-degree FOV circles.




Yes, these are what I actually saw. I wished my backyard sky was darker though.

These are also what I can expect to see next time.




I finally owned a great constellation bino. This clean view is very joyful. Hinode bino is lightweight and compact. It should be good companion to mount hikers or campers spending the nighttime under the dark sky.  It’s also good to the imager to spend an another enjoyable time under the sky during imaging session too.



~ by tedishikawa on October 31, 2018.

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