Japanese Super Wide Viewer – Hinode Bino

Hinode Bino was designed by the legendary Japanese optical designer from scratch and provided by one of serious optical manufacturers – Scopetech in Japan. Now it’s available through Hutech worldwide.


Features ;

  • 1.8x 40mm aperture
  • 3-element unique optical design
  • 24-degree actual FOV at 16mm eye point (30-degree at 5mm)
  • weight 180g!!
  • 60mm x 92mm x 35mm
  • Price in US : $139.00

As specified above, very lightweight and compact. So it gives us continuously comfortable viewing.

One of unique features for Hinode Bino is to allow to break down to two single optics as shown below. It’s a kind of pocket-able night-sky viewer


I was testing around several nights. My 1st impression from my backyard was it was well corrected entire the field. If I intentionally focused on only the edge, yes, I could see the distortion. But unless they are bright stars, not noticeable even at the edge much. So overall, very pleasing star field entirely.

I will keep reporting after viewing under the dark sky.


~ by tedishikawa on October 29, 2018.

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