Pre-owned BORG 101ED F4 Set

This is 1st generation ED reducer system with 101ED objective lens. One of my club members wanted to upgrade his to new 107FL F3.9ED astrograph. So I took it over and decided to offer as Hutech, on behalf of him.

OTA Price : $1,495.00 (was sold around $2,500.00 before)


Complete OTA, but no tube rings and camera adapters included. Very good condition mechanically and optically since it has been permanently set at his observatory long time.


This optical system was designed 14 years ago. But surprisingly my field test shows “nothing obsolete”. Very sharp entire full frame sensor although it was originally intended for APS-C camera that time (actually there was no full frame camera available in the market yet, at least as consumer model, when this reducer was designed). I re-tuned the collimation.  So there is nothing I hesitate to offer everyone at all.

Key features for this offer are;

  • 6-element petzval design, including 2 EDs
  • Brand-new helical focuser added by Hutech. FTF upgradable with extra cost
  • Pin-point stars entire full frame sensor. But severe light fall-off at each corner. So it is recommended up to APS-H sensor.
  • Camera rotator as standard
  • One year Hutech warranty
  • Various camera adapters as option
  • 7085 – tube rings recommended. Unfortunately no white rings available any more
  • Technical support by Hutech

The manual can be downloadable at


I believe this was very good deal since the reducer itself was sold around $1,000.00. If someone are interested, please e-mail to me directly.


~ by tedishikawa on October 20, 2018.

2 Responses to “Pre-owned BORG 101ED F4 Set”

  1. Would you accept $1300.00 for this scope? If so I am interested.
    My email is:
    My name is Joe Rabinowitz

    • Joseph, thanks for your interest. But this is already bargain price at the viewpoint of performance(speed and sharpness) and quality.

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