BORG 55FL F3.6 with ASI094C

One of BORG long-time users – Scott Denning (a legendary 125SD F3.9 owner as well) starts shooting wider field of shots with 55FL F3.6 and ASI094C. Here is his 1st shot taken at his backyard – Bortle class 6-7 as mentioned below.


One special note on his configuration is to set BORG filter box (7519) behind the reducer. Yes,  it’s convenient since allows to replace filters without disassembling the system.

This is optically allowed by removing the reducer’s extension tube to offset the back focus distance. Very smart design! But a demerit for this way is to require shorter main tube, even if the standard system has almost no room to shorten. This is most challenging part for all of short focal length scopes.


After discussing several times, eventually he managed to set the proper length. The above is the final configuration he made.


And here is his comment on image data and his setup.

I finally had some clear skies and was able to use the 55FL with reducer, IDAS V4, the new focuser, and my ASI094c camera.
Attached are two pics of the *tiny* scope on my very portable IOptron CEM25 mount, with an even smaller Kowa 100mm guidescope riding on top. The ASI094c includes a powered USB hub, so the guider needs no power or separate USB cable. The whole imaging session was automated using a tiny 2-ounce Intel Compute Stick running linux and Kstars.
Below is an image of IC1396 taken from my urban back yard (Bortle 6-7, red zone). This is the result of 31x300s subs, plus flats, bias, and darks processed in PixInsight.
What a wonderful little scope, and incredibly portable.
Thanks again for making this hobby possible and enjoyable!
Scott Denning
Scott, thanks for your 1st feedback. I’m glad to know you got the wonderful initial result as expected. Enjoy imaging with this little scope.
Bortle scale is my area is class 7. So I can imagine how bright his sky is. Yes, I believe IDAS LPS-V4 is an essential tool for imaging.

~ by tedishikawa on October 18, 2018.

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