SS-one EM200

Finally my EM200 Temma has been converted into SS-one-controlled mount. I was hesitating to do because of factory-installed high quality encoders. But I couldn’t stand the slow response of original motors any more after experiencing Oriental-made hybrid motor performance and no way to use encoders either. So I decided to go for it. I still feel sad all of original electronics.


Driven by KODO controller


SS-one-proprietary built-in polar camera. This is very valuable, good protection and no need for 3-point calibration repeatedly. 


Poor original electronics with expensive encoders, which I’ve never or couldn’t use, because of lack of feedback program.

Listen to the hybrid motor sound. Looking good, and now encourages me to do the dithered imaging like my EM10/SS-one.

BTW, the world only one system is no longer called “Ted Special”. Now it should be called a new owner name. I’m feeling my puppy has been handed over to a neighbor. I wish the system will be working well and keep a new owner happy long time. I really loved this system. So I took this as my memorial shot. Good bye and do good job there! Ted Special


~ by tedishikawa on October 16, 2018.

One Response to “SS-one EM200”

  1. The Ted Special will not be renamed and will be cared for and mounted on a Tak Small Metal Tripod with pillar, my favorite for travel.

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