Finally 55mm fluorite has been delivered from Canon. So now I can clearly say we can resume shipping within this month. But give me a bit more time for the specific shipping date. Sorry again to have kept you waiting. But it’s getting close now.

BTW, this is my recent setup at my backyard. I prepared almost every night these days. But the marine layer forced me to wrap up before opening caps all nights. So no image result at all.

1010a 55FL F3.6+Fuji X-T1, one of my most favorite systems at my backyard. Light and compact. So no complaining even if no image result. Easy to set and set back to home.

A cooled 6D is greater performance. But I feel I have to be serious. Meanwhile Fuji makes me relax and comfortable at my backyard.

And a following shows inside the scope. I use two filters most of times under the bright sky.


I wanted to just show one example. By combining two different filters, you can create your own overall filter performance and enjoy your own result. Try this one day. It’s fun to change the filter combination since you can see something new, and hopefully improvement.


~ by tedishikawa on October 11, 2018.

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