Gorgeous BORG Solar Setup

Wow, so many scopes and equipment! on one mount. This is really serious solar setup which allows for 3 different solar viewing at same time, prepared by Steven Chun in Hawaii for his October public outreach solar event. BTW, these are Hawaiian tasteful pictures!

Setup details described by Steven are

Well, I finally was able to assemble an impressive Borg Solar setup featuring a 50 Min, 71FL and 107FL.  Using the 52mm IDAS filter on the 50 Mini, a 50mm H-Alpha Lunt filter on the 71FL and Lunt’s 1.25″ Herschel Wedge on the 107FL.  All mounted on ADM side by side setup with the 71 on a Mini-Max Guider saddle on a Vixen Sphinx SXW guided by the Hinode Solar Guider.  The 50 Mini has a Revolution Imager on it.

Tested the entire setup on Sunday with the guider keeping the sun centered for 30 minutes (the duration of the test).

Steven, thanks for sharing and very nice preparation. I’m sure many viewers must enjoy 3 solar faces at once during the outreach event next month. Please update this after the event. Thanks again, and enjoy solar viewing.



~ by tedishikawa on September 27, 2018.

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