Pre-testing Loaner Units of IDAS LPS Filters & Fujifilm GFX50R & 100

IDAS LPS filters are carefully considered and studied for the spectrum of each artificial light source. So each filter is well designed based on kinds of light pollution emissions while considering the type of camera. This is why many high-end astronomers are using LPS filters. But one of common questions is, “Which is the best LPS for my sky?”. It’s hard to tell for me because I’m not under your sky. Also various light sources must be mixed too. Even for my backyard, I’m not sure exactly what kind of artificial light over my house. Under my testing, LPS-P2 looks the best result as broadband spectrum for OCS camera.

I saw there were some comparison tests at various locations. But unfortunately the sky is not same as my backyard or different users’s sky either. So things seem to be more complicated. Good indication to study though.


D1-48 wasn’t available when a picture was taken.

So I now decided to prepare several loaner sets for pre-testing purpose by customers. This allows each customer to actually field-test under the real sky and see each result.

  1. A set includes LPS-P2, LPS-D1 and LPS-D2.
  2. All 48mm sizes
  3. Only in US so far
  4. No obligation to purchase. But I’m glad to finally consider one of LPS filters anyway.
  5. Test without the moonlight
  6. For more details, please contact me.

This loaner program has been set from today. If this program will be going well in US without any trouble, I’d like to expand worldwide.

If someone will develop a portable low-cost measurement device which is able to read each artificial light source wavelength, I want to buy it. It’s not for the sky glow strength meter.

As scheduled, Fujifilm made two big announcements in Japan. Both are new medium format cameras  – GFX 50R and GFX 100. 50R is the same sensor as current 50S. But the range-finder type’s low-cost version (US$4500). Thanks, Fuji. I’m not ready to buy quickly. But I want to seriously consider it as my dream camera to be used with BORG 107FL F3.9ED. They say GFX 50R will be available this November.

 GFX 50R announcement from Fujifilm USA 

And same time they also announced a further bigger brother – 100MP camera they are currently developing. A Following looks a mock-up(probably) unit Fuji showcased at the press release in Japan.


The sensor seems to be SONY IMX461 BSI sensor as I posted last November.

Most likely current Fuji’s 50R/S are IMX161 sensor.

Fujifilm USA announcement on GFX 100

This was pasted from Fuji’s page. I thought this clearly described us how large 55mm diagonal sensor is.


The larger and larger sensor is, more and more challenging optical designer is.

BORG already made the prototype of GFX adapter. It will be commercially available sometime soon. As soon as 50R will be available, I will try to test 50R and see how much Ha transmission it has. If it will have quite similarity to current X-mount camera(50-60%?), 50R should be potential of super wide-field astro-capable camera too.

Panasonic announced their two full frame cameras too. I was also told about the strategic L-mount alliance of Leica, Panasonic and Sigma for new Panasonic full frame camera.  It was really big day in the photographic industry today.

I’m so excited about those news as a camera fan.




~ by tedishikawa on September 25, 2018.

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