IDAS Planetary Filters

IDAS BE410 filter tester – Johnson Lo in Hong Kong sent us his 1st image taken through IDAS filter. Yes, a filter looks making the image contrast higher as expected.

2018-09-13 Mars_LRGBvsLRGUV

And his initial impression on the filter is

Comparing to a normal B channel, the filter does show more contrast in the North cap
(bottom). I am satisfied with the result because it does make the Mars looks special when
combining LRG+BE410 (right) vs just LRGB (left).
However, the aperture of my 8″ SCT is not big enough to define any features on the North
cap and the exposure time was a bit too long against average seeing last night. Perhaps a
11″+ telescope will put this filter into good use.
Only one thing to notice is that the filter is too thick to fit in my electric filter wheel so I
had to screw it onto my camera manually. My filter wheel model is QHYCFW2-S by

Johnson, thanks for your imaging.


Now new prices for IDAS planetary filters have been set as follows;

BE410 (1.25″) : $159.00

VW-1 (1.25″) : $159.00

UV372-80 (1.25″) : $159.00

Original prices used to be upper $200.00 Don’t miss this special opportunity
to get premium quality filter at this price.
Unfortunately BPF has been sold out. I had a lot of excellent feedback though.


~ by tedishikawa on September 22, 2018.

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