Losmandy + SS-one KODO

I don’t remember when I took my G11 mount out to the field last time. I’m sure more than 15 years ago. This was the one sold under Celestron name. Very old!

The key concept for SS-one/Losmandy system is to allow to use KODO with Losmany G11 and GM8 without modifying. So original geared motors and connectors are used as they are. Because of that, no fast slewing achieved unfortunately. But I believe it should be still good value to allow for the dithered imaging without PC.

The test was successful as expected. We will prepare for a special adapter box for the easy and reliable connection. The hardest part is to split DB15 into two of RJ connectors and a power cable. KODO works with GM8 too by changing gear ratio.

I made a hole on an original polar cap to attach SS-one polar camera. But PoleMaster adapter for Losmandy provided by QHY allows to set SS-one camera like PoleMaster.

Losmandy (strictly speaking Kenko-made) polar scope reticle is very good design and lets achieve the accurate polar alignment. But sometime very hard to see 3rd star under the bright field. A bit painful. Also we don’t have to worry about the mechanical mis-alignment of polar scope itself.

After using Losmandy mount again, I realized this was mechanically very good-made. Alt-az base’s gears are very fine pitch, which allows for precise polar alignment easily. Also worm gears look very good quality too. Great craftsmanship work, Scott! I applause you to continue to provide high quality mounts long time while maintaining the quality in USA all the time.  The great American manufacturer!



~ by tedishikawa on September 20, 2018.

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