107FL Series 115

Finally large format ED reducer is commercially available in Japan now and a last piece we are waiting for is a carbon fiber tube. Hopefully we can start shipping early of next month. Yes, more importantly, I understand setting prices before that.

We are preparing for two packages of 107FL F3.9ED system – a complete set and ED reducer/FTF set. The latter is for current 107FL users. Basically you will need all except the objective lens though.

Besides F3.9 configuration, I did final reviews for F6 and visual systems as well.


107FL F6, a system shows an optional filter box. 

Fortunately converting between F3.9 and F6 (and visual as well) is quite simple. By adding one more CF tube and a field flattener, it turns F6 system and much lighter because of no super reducer. You can enjoy two separate configurations – 420mm/F3.9 and 650mm/F6 with full frame cameras.

I realized 420mm focal length was a bit too short for M31 I captured last weekend. This was why I cropped my image. I will re-try with F6 system next time. That should be perfect with a full frame camera. If I will have the chance, I will try from my backyard  tonight.


Visual configuration, classy!

BTW, these prototype units show 2 x 120mm CF tubes. But the commercial system will be one 240mm.



~ by tedishikawa on September 14, 2018.

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