BORG 107FL F3.9ED + New Nikon Z-mount

I had two-day meetings with BORG in Japan end of July to finalize all of production preparations for new scopes. And now I’m doing final reviews mechanically and optically, just before launching. I borrowed a friend’s Nikon camera for testing this time since I’ve never used Nikon camera.


BTW, the illumination strength as the design value at a corner of 43mm and 55mm sensor diagonals respectively are ;

107FL : 77% / 68%

90FL : 82% / 77%

I feel Nikon camera has a little more mechanical vignetting at each corner than Canon’s due to smaller F-mount opening. But a new Nikon Z-mount interface (full frame mirrorless) is 1mm larger than Canon EF bayonet. So that should give us the nice benefit for more light of each corner. And good bye, a mirror shadow too, like shown the above.


Yes, it looks a plenty of room now. I’m sure BORG will make Nikon Z-mount adapter shortly as well as the one for Canon full frame mirrorless. These cameras should get more light as designed.







~ by tedishikawa on September 2, 2018.

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