SS-one Takahashi PM-SP

This is my special version, most likely only one in the world. But I wasn’t seriously using  after built-up. It’s shame… Actually too many portable mounts. Anyway, not good time for imaging these days because of the moon. So I just wanted to play around PM-SP with SS-one controller.

I converted an original DEC unit of PM-1 into a RA tracking mount, which turns same as PM-SP. But it has no optical polar scope inside the body because it was original DEC unit. This was why I wanted to add the electrical polar camera.


And this is SS-one controller for Takahashi mounts. This is different from KODO controller, so no GOTO function. Simple motor drive unit with ST-4 port. This works with PM-1 as well and allows PM-1 and Pm-SP for auto guiding.


5V motor driven

Followings are the unguided tracking results – 3 minutes and 5 minutes taken through SIGMA 150mm lens.


And actual setup at the field.

Polar alignment was very accurate. DEC drift didn’t obviously shown up around 15 minutes. So I don’t think DEC motor is needed in this kind of focal length unless GOTO is required.


~ by tedishikawa on August 21, 2018.

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