ZWO+IDAS Special Deal

I decided to start carrying ZWO cameras and set the IDAS special deal as the opening sale. You can get $50 discount from the price of each camera when it is purchased with one of IDAS filters.


Counterclockwise, UIBARIII, LPS-P2, LPS-D1, LPS-D2 & LPS-V4

Since ZWO camera’s opening window has no UV/IR blocking coat(if my understanding is correct),  an extra filter is somehow needed.

If you are looking for a high-quality UV/IR blocking filter, this is it – UIBARIII as shown below.


This is the measured response curve. As shown, surprisingly very steep cut-off at both sides. Generally this type of shape is seen as design value. But this is actual, not computer simulation on the desk. This describes how good this filter is and minimizes the repeated reflections from the sensor. More gentle curve, more possible reflections.

I’m sure this is the best UV/IR blocking filter I’ve ever seen. As I mentioned before, this filter was originally designed for the replacement filter for modified Canon camera. This was why Hutech-modified Canon camera created very clean star edge even at bright stars. Since the filter and the sensor is so close each other, especially in case of DSLRs, high quality filter is required. And this was the best result with IDAS’s maximum efforts.

Also all of IDAS LPS filters fully block UV and IR regions. So if your sky is light-polluted, LPS filter does double-duty jobs – blocking UV/IR as well as reducing light pollution affects. Don’t miss this special opportunity!!

When I visited BORG Japan last time, BORG mechanical engineer gave me following cute gifts produced by 3D printer. I was told a blue one was a natural fluorite crystal. Very well designed and made!! Thank you, Ishizuka san!


I setup the scope and mount last night. Primarily I wanted to use Meade LX-70 (EQ-5) with SS-one KODO controller since I didn’t use for a while. Skywatcher’s original hybrid motors are high quality and performance. Surprisingly very quiet.

But my wish was easily blocked by the unusual marine layer. Even no power on……


~ by tedishikawa on August 17, 2018.

4 Responses to “ZWO+IDAS Special Deal”

  1. Ted, will you be carrying the ASI1600MM Cool Pro? That is the camera I’m interested in.

  2. Hi Mike, Thanks for your quick feedback. Yes, we do. 1600MM is in stock as well and applies to IDAS special deal too.

    • Great! I’ve been studying these for several days since deciding that I’d rather get a cooled mono CCD camera instead of using a Canon 70D for deep space astrophotography. I couldn’t find this model on your site so that’s why I asked. What is your price for this model? I was planning to get a 1.25″ IDAS LPS filter anyway.

      • Hi Mike

        The price of ASI 1600MM – cooled is $1,180.00 But sorry, I misread your 1st comment. Cooled 1600MM was not available yet.

        Anyway please send e-mail to me directly if you are still interested in discussing more.

        Thanks for your serious interest.


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