BORG 90FL F3.9ED, Airline Carry-on Luggage & Guider Plate

This is a little brother of BORG super astrograph family, which is expected to be commercially available next month as well as 107FL.

107FL is hassle-free airline-transportable. But the airline might require a shorter bag/case to carry it into the cabin. So it might be necessary to be taken apart. But I’m sure 90FL F3.9ED allows to do the complete unit as it is. In fact, I did during my European trip without any trouble. So it’s proved!!


A bag is 420mm long.

ps. I checked the airline restrictions for a carry-on luggage. Most of US airlines seem to be up to 560mm long.  107FL F3.9ED OTA without camera adapters is 460mm long. As long as it goes OTA itself, even the complete 107FL system should be still within the restrictions in US airlines. So finally it will depend on the bag size. I’m not sure European carriers. But at least an above bag was no problem for me at all. I faced nothing even questionable.

And this is a 90FL F3.9ED setup along with a guider, which hopefully can be used tonight. I’m concerned about the unseasonable marine layer these nights though.


Just for the reference, I paste a guider plate drawing here shown the above.


A slot allows to adjust the ring separation. This is a solid and lightweight plate.



~ by tedishikawa on August 16, 2018.

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