BORG 55FL AStrograph & IDAS LPS-V4 (Tri-Color Narrowband Filter)

One of serious BORG users, Mauri Rosenthal keeps updating his image gallery.


His picture on a front page of newsletter. Click to download PDF file.

(Mauri’s comment)

By the way all of these are from my backyard, which is in a red zone just outside NYC.  The Flickr descriptions of the images include the technical details.  For anyone seeking information on red zone performance of the LPS-V4, my SQL readings on the best nights range from about 18.6 to 19.1.   I am looking forward to trying the filter in Manhattan, I think I’ll get an excellent M27 and pretty good veil images before the season ends in October, but at outreach we’ve been focusing on the planets so far this summer.  I have yet to get much decent imaging time in with the D-2 filter.

55FL F3.6 (200mm f.l.) and four thirds sensor look the perfect wide-field imaging combination. It covers entire the Veil and N.A.&Pelican in one frame respectively. Also as expected, LPS-V4 is working very well under the bright sky. Yes, it’s a kind of must-have item for my backyard too. It effectively isolates Ha and OIII & Hb from background noise. Also unlike Ha filter, LPS-V4 is carefully considered for the weights of R, G and B channel. So I can say it is the tri-color narrowband filter too. But it’s not extremely narrow bandwidth. More balanced for the richer color finish.

All crispy sharp and colorful finish, Mauri

ps. His imaging technique intrigued me. 8-second exposure each live stacking with unguided alt-az mount. Quite new at least to me. I’m still an old school minded guy. Equatorial mount with long exposure.


~ by tedishikawa on August 3, 2018.

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