New Filters Now Available

Following filters are now in stock.


Astro filter for a stocked camera


VR3XII-48 : $169.00

VR3XII-52 : $169.00

VR3XII-77 : $269.00

The concept for this filter is to reduce the transmission of the visual spectrum region, so that a stocked camera’s Ha transmission turns almost same level as others. (Fuji X-mount camera seems to have 50-60% transmission at Ha) As a result, this allows for longer exposure time while minimizing B & G channel saturation.

Keep in mind, these are the interference type of filters. So there is the light angle issue in front of lenses. When a filter is set in front of a lens, 85mm or longer focal length for full frame camera should be used. APS-C is 50mm or longer.

We plan to carry following lens holder. Unlike current model, it doesn’t require replacing a bayonet plate of camera body. SONY E-mount and Fuji X-mount models will be available.


And finally IDAS LPS-D1 for Nikon full frame cameras is in stock as well.


LPS-D1-NF (for D810, D800 and D600) : $310.00



~ by tedishikawa on July 25, 2018.

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