Looking For IDAS Filter Testers

I’m looking for planetary imaging enthusiasts who are interested in making the image with following IDAS filters.


Click for filter details

UV372, BE410 and VE-1 are available at 1.25″ size each. Unfortunately BPF is currently out of production.  To someone who are interested in this offer, feel free to e-mail me. I’m happy to send it to you any time.

One of BORG serious users – Steven Bellavia created up his recent astro camp story. It’s fun to take a look at. Enjoy his nice slideshow entire his trip!

—- This was my 17th trip to Cherry Springs, and perhaps the best yet, as I had four perfectly clear nights in a row, which has never happened. (It was actually perfectly clear the night before I arrived, and I think several more after I left, all around the new moon).

I was also able to observe many daytime object, such as Venus, Mercury, Arcturus, and Regulus (my dimmest daytime star so far).

I also got to see a mother bear, with her two very tiny bear cubs, climbing down from a tree and going deeper into the woods.

It was cold at night, dipping into the forties, and comfortably warm and dry in the day. For the first time, I used the sandy beach and took a swim at the lake/reservoir, at Lyman Run State park, 6 miles away, which is another beautiful camping park.

A photo summary of my trip, along with images of celestial objects, both daytime and night, can be found here: 0713b





~ by tedishikawa on July 13, 2018.

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