Fujifilm X-T1 & SS-one KODO

I tried to “more seriously” point to a same object last night.


BORG 55FL F3.6 + Fujifilm X-T1 (non-modified) + LPS-V4 & VR3XII filters, 30 x 2′ at ISO1600 dithered by SS-one KODO

As my personal standard, I’m glad to have achieved this kind of image taken at my backyard along with a stocked X-T1 camera. I’m sure it should be better if I try to shoot under the dark sky. Anyway, good to know I can enjoy my hobby at backyard now. I hope the above image encourages Fujifilm users to try to use nighttime as well. But better to have some special arrangement for nicer image finish. The keys I feel here are

  1. As expected, Fuji’s color correction filter has more Ha transmission than other brands. I have no idea on QE of X-trans sensor at Ha though. At least I feel twice more filter transmission at Ha than others.
  2. Dithered imaging should be very effective method for better S/N, especially to non-cooled and non-modified DSLR.
  3. At my backyard, LPS-V4 is a kind of must-use item. So I think under the bright sky, LPS-V4 + VR3XII seem to be the best combination for X-T1. Probably I guess the combined response curve might be something like a following blue line, IF Fuji’s filter has 50% transmission.



Good things (at least to me) is an RAW image wasn’t overwhelmed by red channel like taken with Ha filter. Color balance wasn’t too bad.


And this was a snap shot during guiding. Two peaks show dithering. Red is RA while green is DEC. I don’t think my EM-200 (old-fashioned geared motors) performs like this.


And finally this was my recent setup.

This is only way as long as I use FTF. But I might change back to a previous one, which was simpler and lighter. Fortunately allows to set a finder at side too.


I will try to shoot IC1396 with X-T1 tonight if marine layer won’t come in soon. I noticed there are many targets suitable to 200mm f.l. + APS-C sensor. This covers the entire Veil too. But I’m not brave enough to try from my backyard though.

I love Fujifilm X-trans cameras daytime as well as nighttime. Great cameras!!


~ by tedishikawa on July 3, 2018.

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