IDAS Blowout Sale

This is the last stock sales for 1st generation EOS(APS-C) body-mounted filter. Unlike current version, 1st type was the separate-piece design (37mm filter and frame). But it was exactly same optical performance and mechanically still quite similar. So it fits any Canon APS-C camera. Nothing obsolete. Don’t miss this great opportunity!! 40% off from current price.


Special prices while the stock lasts

LPS-D1-37MFA kit : $119.00 (LPS-D1-EOS : $199.00)

LPS-V4-37MFA kit : $119.00 (LPS-V4-EOS : $199.00)

UIBARIII-37MFA kit : $119.00 (UIBARIII-37 + MFA : $218.00)

This is IDAS worldwide event. So these items will be available your local dealer too.

Installation/removable remain unchanged as follows


IDAS Broadband Solar filter (52mm) : $89.00 ($139.00)


~ by tedishikawa on June 25, 2018.

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