BORG 107FL Various System Configurations

These are each different system configuration for 107FL Series 115. I found out it is quite easy to change configurations from a basic package while minimizing extra parts and the change of parts combination. See below.


Visual setup with 2″ compression ring holder at the back end


F5.6 prime focus. 7352 – 7604 – 7000 – 5002 – Pentax K


F6 with 7108(1.08x). 7352 – 7108 – 7923 (or 7000) – 5002 – Pentax K


F7.8 configuration with 7214(1.4x). 7352 – 7604 – 7214 – 7000 (or 7923)  – 5002 – Pentax K

And by removing one (=70mm long) of main CF tubes and adding ED super reducer, it turns following F3.9 configuration.


These will be final recommended configurations. Hassle-free building up!!

~ by tedishikawa on June 19, 2018.

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