BORG 107FL F3.9ED & 90FL F3.9ED

Following were the test results by these two scopes.


107FL F3.9ED + Pentax 645Z

These are the images cropped in 100% mode from the center and 4 corners of 55 mm diagonal sensor. (Click to enlarge for the full resolution)




I didn’t pay attention to a remote timer controller. So I couldn’t set longer exposure. One day I will rent 645Z again to shoot specific targets with longer exposure. In any case, what I thought at a glance is “doesn’t look bad at all”. They were better than I had anticipated, and I felt it was promising for 43mm diagonal sensor (Now I hesitate to use the term – “full frame”. I expect the camera industry people set the proper term ASAP. “Full frame” is obsolete and fuzzy term now, or better to say Leica size?)

BTW, I tried to check the star image at outside-focus and inside-focus. No false color to be seen at both sides. Well corrected!!

Anyway, this was the one with a modified 6D. I will try to shoot by this setup under dark site this month.


I understand many people are seriously paying attention to these two astrograph. Thank you very much!! I will let you know once prices and shipping date will be set. Please be patient a little bit more.


~ by tedishikawa on June 7, 2018.

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