SS-one ZWO Image Capture DX

This is a proprietary model of 1st generation Image Capture. Now it is commercially available as DX version with larger screen and solid metal body


This is basically an image capture from ZWO cameras (monochrome or color). But it has some other features too.


  • larger screen (600 x 800 5″) makes focusing more comfortable
  • The unit has the internal clock. So it allows for the polar alignment with an optional polar camera without GPS module, unlike AG Element.
  • Also autoguiding function like other SS-one models – KODO and AG Element. But unfortunately not possible to use with an imaging camera same time. So it has to be set for either imaging OR guiding.
  • There are some 3 others. But these are not the supported menu.
  • Biggest advantage over 1st capture model is an external shutter trigger port, which allows for the dithered imaging with ZWO camera when used with SS-one KODO or Lacerta MGEN.

Unfortunately I don’t have MGEN at this moment. So I simulated by a regular remote timer controller instead. If someone are looking for using your MGEN with ZWO camera, this is the solution. It allows for the dithered imaging with ZWO camera “without PC”! like DSLR cameras. If dithering is not needed, no external trigger required. Simply set the time sequences internally. The unit is operated at 5V.





~ by tedishikawa on June 6, 2018.

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